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Planeta Océano - Planet Ocean

- Peru
  • Main problem:
  • Subproblem:
    Human impact on marine ecosystems
  • Consequence:
    Water temperature increase, Need for education & awareness, Development of solutions
  • Solution:
    Sustainable development for coastal communities, environmantal education, raising awareness

Planeta Océano (Planet Ocean) is a non for profit organization that strongly works to conserve and restore coastal and marine environments, with special focus on Peru.

We promote and develop research, environmental education & awareness and sustainable development initiatives; engaging stakeholder and community participation throughout all our efforts.

Education and Awareness
People care for what they know… and know what they are taught. By working with dozens of teachers and thousands of students, we are strengthening marine education, awareness and outreach in order to engage coastal communities in conservation. We also train local professionals, technicians, students and fishermen at field, thus fostering future generations of conservationists and promoting sustainable economic activities.

As a tool to guide adequate management and action plans for marine conservation and sustainable development, we conduct investigations and assessments on marine environments, marine species and anthropogenic threats; as well as social research in local coastal communities. Local volunteers, students and partners frequently form part of our research team

Sustainable Development
Coastal communities directly depend on marine environments for subsistence, yet inadequate human practices often expose them to degradation. Together with these communities, we promote environmentally-friendly alternatives for sustainable development, which include economic activities such as ecotourism, development of handicrafts and recycling. 

We also conduct participatory forums and assessments which allow community members to express their concern on marine conservation and thus guide our plans of action according to their specific needs.

Photo Credits by: @Planeta Océano

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