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Sea6 Energy

  • Main problem:
    Destructive human influence
  • Subproblem:
    Exploitation of ressources
  • Consequence:
    Development of solutions
  • Solution:
    Creating an alternative bioeconomy for the world.

Sea6 Energy 

envisions a future where the abundant oceans will be our biomass farms of tomorrow - to provide solutions in energy, agriculture and food.

Founded on the campus of IIT Madras in 2010, Sea6 Energy was built on the vision of sustainably and ethically harnessing the oceans to build a future for mankind independent of traditional energy sources.

Conceptualised by a team of PhDs in engineering, agriculture and biotechnology, Sea6 Energy was formed to develop renewable energy solutions to utilize the potential of the ocean to develop eco-friendly land alternatives.Sea6 Energy is revolutionizing tropical seaweed farming on the Ocean - with a vision of being able to farm square kilometres of farms on the Ocean to create a sustainable source of biomass, and produce a variety of useful products. Tropical seaweed farming is already a huge industry - however, the methods employed  haven’t changed much since it started out almost half a century ago. 

Our tech modernizes farming to produce large quantities of inexpensive biomass from which a whole range of products are derived. We have developed patented solutions across the value chain, from cultivation of seaweeds to the end product, paving the way to a sustainable tropical blue economy.

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Helden der Meere e.V.

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