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Blue Ocean Watch

  • Main problem:
  • Subproblem:
    Destructive human influence on marine ecosystems
  • Consequence:
    Development of solutions
  • Solution:
    Raising awareness, delivering educational material

Born out of the movie and TV industry, Blue Ocean Watch comprises award-winning filmmakers and writers, experienced sailors and explorers alongside world-class research scientists in oceanography, marine biology, digital technology and specialists in education to research the many aspects of climate change and ocean-related problems, produce videos for schools and universities and messages for social media to empower every individual to make a change.

The founders of Blue Ocean Watch have, for most of their working lives, been film makers. Their audiences have been informed by documentaries and made to laugh and cry by dramas. They are the storytellers of our society, and it is the storytellers who tell a society who they really are. They are the glue that binds communities together.

This, we realise now more than at any other time, is a huge responsibility that cannot be taken lightly. At this vitally important time of human existence on our planet, we feel passionately that the stories we tell now must make a difference.

Blue Ocean Watch “stories” are collated from our dedicated research vessels and our global research partners, that includes EurOcean, – The European Centre for information on Marine Science that represents seventeen research organizations based in ten European countries thus giving BOW unprecedented access to literally thousands of scientists and data from virtually every European research activity.

This forms the basis of an educational charter for we believe that the only way to successfully change the behaviour of mankind is through education. This message must be clear, engage everyone, and above all, it must be accessible globally free of charge. If you feel as we do, please join us in this mission.

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