Science & Research


  • Main problem:
    Global warming, climate change
  • Subproblem:
    Effects of human influence on biological and chemical relationships
  • Consequence:
    Development of solutions
  • Solution:
    Science and research, knowledgement and education

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel is a world-wide leading institute of marine research. 

We investigate chemical, physical, biological and geological processes of the seafloor, oceans and ocean margins and their interactions with the atmosphere. We also bridge the gap between basic and applied science in several areas. With this broad spectrum of research initiatives GEOMAR is globally unique. The GEOMAR is a foundation under public law jointly funded by the German federal (90%) and Schleswig-Holstein state (10%) governments. GEOMAR has a staff of approximately 1,000 (2018) individuals and an annual budget of ~80 Million Euros. 

The institutes’ mandate is the interdisciplinary investigation of all relevant aspects of modern marine sciences, from sea floor geology to marine meteorology. Research is conducted worldwide in all oceans and adjacent seas. 
The institute has four major research divisions:

Photo credits by: ©geomar

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