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A talented French-Swiss skipper, Yvan Bourgnon starts sailing at the age of eight with his parents for a world tour where he discovers the ocean he will never leave. Over the course of his career, Yvan has earned an impressive record in multihull sports and also in offshore racing on the most successful boats. With his older brother, Laurent Bourgnon, he won the Transat Jacques-Vabre in 1997. Holder of several world records, he pushes the navigation to the extreme by initiating a series of unique adventures alone, on his non-habitable catamaran, without instruments and without assistance. Achievements unanimously acclaimed around the world. Today, with the association The SeaCleaners, of which he is President-Founder, he sets himself a new environmental challenge and wants to develop an effective and concrete solution to fight against plastic pollution in the seas: this is the Manta project.

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The background
The increasingly dramatic health of our oceans is a known problem in our society, we have to face urgent! That's why we draw people's attention to the "Heroes of the Sea". For those who are committed to protecting our oceans and providing solutions to how we can all participate. With the crossing of the Atlantic we form a bridge between the continents and thus illustrate the global nature of our concern. Because we all have to solve the problems of the oceans together!
With our crossing of the Atlantic, we want to give the impulse to no longer just watch, but to become active and finally to act. Because every single one of us counts!

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