Plastic Pollution

The Plastic Bank

Haiti - Port-au-Prince
  • Main problem:
    Plastic Pollution, ocean plastic
  • Subproblem:
    Lack of infrastructure, poverty, environmental problems
  • Consequence:
    Environmental pollution, Improvement of waste cycles
  • Solution:
    Plastic Bank evolutionizes recycling ecosystems

Stop plastic before it reaches the Ocean

The Plastic Bank is a platform for the world to gather together to STOP Ocean plastic and alleviate poverty through a global recycling ecosystem.
The Plastic Bank acts as a convenience store for the world’s poor that accepts plastic waste as a currency. This recycling ecosystem is sustained through the sale and use of Social Plastic® by some of the world's largest organizations. Over 1 million supporters have asked brands to support The Plastic Bank and Social Plastic®.

In addition to using our recycled Social Plastic®, both individuals and companies have the ability to offset their own plastic footprint. This is how we unite the world to reduce global poverty while making plastic too valuable to enter our oceans. The Plastic Bank has realized that the only way to stop Ocean plastic is to reveal the value in plastic by transferring as much of this value into the hands of the collectors. Social Plastic® is Plastic Bank Verified plastic that provides a premium for the collector. The premiums are called Plastic Bank Rewards. These rewards are distributed and authenticated through the Plastic Bank app, which uses Blockchain technology to provide the safest and most trusted means to deliver a globally scalable social impact. All of the plastic collected through the Social Plastic® ecosystem is sorted, recycled, and sold to companies to use in their manufacturing instead of new plastics. The Plastic Bank aims to provide large scale sustainable premiums in every recycling community around the world. This is how we stop Ocean plastic. The more premiums that come from corporate purchases of Social Plastic® and/or off-set incentives, along with donations to the Social Plastic Foundation, the faster new regions can become eligible to receive Plastic Bank Rewards. About the Blockchain technology platform.

The Plastic Bank app empowers you to earn and exchange recycling rewards. All in one free app, you can operate a professional recycling business as a collector, recycling shop owner, or processor. You can even operate ANY kind of store you want. Exchange for cash, items, or safe and secured digital recycling rewards. Region by region, Plastic Bank is introducing additional incentives on top of the amount you would normally earn from recycling. This app unites the entire recycling community. The faster your community starts using the app, the faster you will become eligible for Plastic Bank Rewards. Your Plastic Bank account comes with a unique ID and digital wallet. Once digital rewards are available in your region the app will give your recycling community the option to remove the need to handle cash. This is done through your Blockchain secured Plastic Bank digital savings and exchange account. Blockchain is the most trusted and secure way to instantly approve and record any exchange of value.

Photo Credits by: ©yorkhovest

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