Plastic Pollution

Planet Matters

  • Main problem:
    Plastic Pollution
  • Subproblem:
  • Consequence:
    Environmental pollution, Need for education & awareness
  • Solution:
    Freeing nature from plastic with the power of social media

The worldwide plastic cleanup community Planet Matters, established in February 2022 has emerged as a leading force in combating plastic pollution, currently ranking as the second-largest environmental movement on TikTok globally measured by followers. The movement, founded by then 20-year-old Felix Krainer, has mobilized a community of over 3 million followers and reached 200 million people worldwide with their entertaining cleanup video content. Our mission is to leverage social media to heighten awareness of the plastic pollution issue in waters and along shores, encouraging individuals globally to take action and collect plastic waste.

The underlying magic of Planet Matters lies in our positive approach to environmental protection. Instead of posting pure shock videos and facts or pointing fingers at others, we foster a positive atmosphere in the spirit of environmental conservation. Individuals are motivated to contribute to nature conservation within their means, for example, by organizing a local plastic cleanup, reducing plastic waste, or avoiding plastic use altogether. 

Planet Matters derives a significant portion of its social media content from videos shared by community members worldwide. Every viewer is encouraged to go out into their local nature and start cleaning up on their own. The Planet Matters community is actively organizing cleanup operations in countries such as Malawi, Kenya, Indonesia, Austria, Italy, Albania, and Turkey. This domino effect maximizes content, keeping the video channels constantly lively and attractive, engaging community members and creating a sense of unity in service of a good cause.

Our message is simple: everyone can make a significant contribution, and every action counts. We hope that YOU (the person reading this) will join us in making a positive difference for the health of our oceans in your own way.

Photos by: Felix Krainer

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