• Main problem:
    Loss of marine biodiversity and habitats, environmental problems
  • Subproblem:
  • Consequence:
    Need for education & awareness
  • Solution:
    Support of projects that are dedicated towards marine protection

Empowering individuals to preserve and conserve our ocean planet.

Our Mission: To promote conservation through education, partnerships and activities focused on environmental stewardship.
Our Vision: A world with clean, healthy and sustainable aquatic environments.

The Green Diver Initiative (GDI) is a community of individuals dedicated to conserving and preserving our ocean planet.
Although divers are important to our community, we are open to everyone. Members may be environmental activists, scientist, beach-goers or boaters, all sharing a common and genuine concern for the vitality of the marine environment. We pride ourselves on giving back to our donors and members by providing grants and sponsorships for projects related to the preservation and conservation of our oceans and waterways. A vibrant and clean environment is vital for the long-term sustainability of the diving industry.

Photo Credits by: ©nauigreendiver

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