Species Extinction

Shark Guardian

  • Main problem:
    Exploitation of sharks through targeted fishing
  • Subproblem:
    Lack of knowledge related to the importance of sharks
  • Consequence:
    Loss of biodiversity, Need for education & awareness
  • Solution:
    Policy change related to shark fishing and education

Shark Guardian: UK Charity for shark and marine conservation worldwide 

Shark Guardian is a UK Charity founded by Brendon Sing and Elizabeth Ward-Sing. Although Shark Guardian is a UK Charity, there are Shark Guardian campaigns and activities that take place worldwide including the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Shark Guardian Objective:  To advance the conservation of sharks and the natural environment with the public through conservation, education and research projects, seeking to achieve the sustainable management of our oceans and marine life.
Shark Guardian Vision:  Healthy balanced oceans full of sharks and marine diversity
Shark Guardian Mission:  To guard our sharks and oceans through conservation, education, research and expeditions 

Shark Guardian: UK Charity for shark and marine conservation worldwide 

Shark Guardian Values:

  • Inclusion: Education and opportunities for all to get involved in conservation to protect our sharks, our oceans and people. 
  • Collaboration: Working with other charities, organizations and individuals to achieve common goals. Collaboration allows us to have a greater impact while we strive to achieve our objective and mission.
  • Authenticity: Staying to true to our objective, mission and values 
  • Passion and Fun: Committed to the same level of passion, enthusiasm and fun that created the charity, whilst maintaining a high level of professionalism and an ethical code of conduct. 

Photo Credits by:  ©sharkguardian

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