Species Extinction

Environmental Defense Fund

  • Main problem:
  • Subproblem:
    Loss of biodiversity and species extinction
  • Consequence:
    Loss of biodiversity, Extinction
  • Solution:
    Promotion of sustainable fishing methods

Environmental Defense Fund

Protecting our oceans from overfishing is central to protecting the planet. By making our oceans healthier — with thriving fish populations, coastal communities and marine habitats — we make the planet more resilient overall.
Fishing rights systems are reversing overfishing, reviving coastal communities across the world and bringing the oceans back to life.
We're catalyzing reforms to make sustainable fishing the norm in 12 key nations that account for 62% of the global fish catch.
In many of the world's fisheries, poor policies give fishermen a stronger incentive to poach rather than protect. With billions of people relying on seafood as a key protein, we must change the trajectory of crashing fish populations — or risk a global food crisis.

Traditional fishery management has motivated fishermen to catch as much as possible as quickly as possible, without regard to the long-term health of the fishery. But when fisheries institute rights-based management, fishermen become highly motivated to become stewards of their oceans.
How it works: Fishermen receive a secure share of the catch, and they agree to adhere to strict limits that allow fish populations to rebuild. This long-term ownership stake — in the form of a percentage of the fishery — is an asset that a fisherman can sell or grant to his children. And when the fishery grows, his stake increases, along with his profits.
For sustainable fishing to spread, solutions must meet the needs of fishermen, seafood suppliers and others who depend on our oceans.
EDF will support our diverse set of partners by supplying knowledge, tools and experience to make fishing sustainable.

Photo credits by: ©EDF

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