Species Extinction

Orca Conservancy

  • Main problem:
    Species Extinction
  • Subproblem:
    Destructive human influence
  • Consequence:
    Loss of biodiversity
  • Solution:
    Promotion of ecological awareness and sustainable action

Did you know that every single day, the things that you do, make a difference in the quality of life for our Southern Resident Killer Whales? Scientific research has shown that there are three factors that are affecting our Southern Residents.

Lack of prey (Salmon)
Toxins and pollutants in the ocean, and
Vessel noise.

One of the main reasons our salmon streams are down are because of the pollutants that reside in our streams and lakes, because of irresponsible behavior in urban development.
If we all shopped with reusable bags, we would save over 500 BILLION plastic bags from landfills each year – many of which break down into our oceans
It takes one minute to make a straw, 10 minutes to use it and takes over 100 years to decompose in our oceans
By 2050 plastic particles will outnumber fish in our oceans
Washing a car in a driveway sends grit and soapy residue into storm drains. It pollutes our lakes, streams, and threatens the endangered salmon that are struggling to survive
80% of ocean pollutants are from plastic water bottles and styrofoam
Your everyday habits CAN make a difference. Make a conscious choice to reduce your carbon footprint. Become passionate about the world that you live in, and help others around you do the same. #JoinOurPod to support the Southern Residents and #BeTheirVoice to make the world a better place

Help Spread the Word

Orca Conservancy is working with High Schools throughout Greater Puget Sound. We believe by helping our youth learn while they are young, they can make better habits in their adult life.
#JoinOurPod  #BeTheirVoice on social media!  Share how you are doing your part!!

Photo Credits by: ocraconservancy

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