Species Extinction


  • Main problem:
    Species extinction
  • Subproblem:
    Destructive human influence
  • Consequence:
    Loss of biodiversity
  • Solution:

ORCA believes that the only way to protect our whales and dolphins is to identify areas where they’re vulnerable and study their habitats.
That way, we can protect these places by changing the way we use them. That includes shipping, fishing, noise pollution, marine litter and more. Best of all, this information can be shared and used across the globe. Providing a local solution to a global problem.

Who we are:
With our unique take on marine conservation, ORCA is a charity that’s entirely dedicated to studying and protecting whales, dolphins and porpoises in UK and European waters.
We work to identify and protect critical whale and dolphin habitats in our waters and beyond. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we help to create safer places for whales and dolphins ultimately promoting the health of our seas.

ORCA is passionate about people; in fact our work is as much about people as it is about whales and dolphins. What makes ORCA unique is our dedication to combining accessible marine education with our conservation activities allowing us to give ordinary people opportunities to take an active role in marine science and conservation.

The identification of important whale and dolphin habitats is carried out by ORCA’s Marine Mammal Survey Teams, who are all volunteers. This is what makes us so unique. It’s our own volunteer teams on board ferries and cruise ships in European waters that conduct the monthly scientific surveys, recording the species we see, where they are and what they’re doing. They run talks for passengers and activities on deck, providing expert knowledge of the astonishing marine wildlife on our doorstep.

ORCA is characterised by its openness, allowing people from all walks of life to get involved, as long as they have the enthusiasm.
I have had some wildlife encounters that will live forever in my memory, and I sincerely believe that ORCA’s work is a vital in spreading environmental awareness and working towards a sustainable future.

Why we do what we do:
Did you know that UK and European waters are home to a third of the world’s whales, dolphin and porpoise species?

We have over 23 cetacean species living alongside us, ranging from the tiny harbour porpoise to the shy Cuvier's beaked whale and the acrobatic common dolphin. 
All these and more have been sighted in and around UK waters. Even the largest animal to have ever lived, the blue whale, visits us from time to time.

Sadly, many of these species aren’t protected by international conventions, so their populations are being severely impacted by increasing human activity such as overfishing, pollution, destruction of their habitats and the impact of climate change.

With so many of the planet’s whales, dolphins and porpoises in our own waters, ORCA is perfectly placed to make a difference to the conservation population of these amazing animals. And we believe that conservation, like charity, starts locally.

Photo Credits by: ©orca

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