Species Extinction


- Azores
  • Main problem:
    Human impacts on marine ecosystems
  • Subproblem:
    Species extincion and loss of habitats
  • Consequence:
    Loss of biodiversity, Need for education & awareness, Sustainable handling of the sea
  • Solution:
    Need for education & awareness

THE OCEANIC® PROJECT creating a new platform for the visual communication of the mid-ocean marine life of the Azores 

Oceanic® Project Objectives
1. The re-construction of a group of historic buildings
(1,200 m2) located adjacent to and immediately in front of the main entrance of Horta Marina and overlooking the Port of Horta. 

2. Oceanic® Perception Centre - a 200 m2 visual communication platform dedicated to the promotion of marine life species and habitats, natural marine science and sustainable marine tourism. 

3. Oceanic® Studios - a 162 m2 creative development and editing facility dedicated to the visual communication of oceanic marine life and to supporting local research projects with emphasis on ocean discovery and ocean literacy. The studios can be made available to visiting film crews, researchers and used for educational / training purposes. 

4. Oceanic® Cafe - a 110 m2 interior and a 150 m2 terrace exterior combined meeting place for mariners, scientists, educators, naturalists, artists and writers offering facilities for large format presentations. 

5. Oceanic® Store - a 90 m2 area for the distribution and retail of products and publications aimed at the promotion of the regional marine resources. 

6. Oceanic® Apartments - spacious self catering apartments with marina side views designed to accommodate visiting film crews, research groups and game fishing charter guests with capacities of up to 6 persons per apartment. 

7. Oceanic® Film and Research - provision of specialised charter boat services, accommodations, dockside workshop, storage and film editing facilities to researchers and visiting film crews. 

8. The continued development of techniques for using art and visual communication to bridge the gap between the communication of natural marine science and the receptiveness of the general public. 

9. The continued development of high resolution species illustration and digital sculpting techniques used for 3D animations for the simulation of deep-sea ecosystems to be used for public outreach. 

Photo Credits by: ©azores-oceanic

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