Plastic Pollution


- Germany
  • Main problem:
    70% of the plastic waste that ends up in the world’ oceans gets there via rivers.
  • Subproblem:
    Every 3rd piece of waste in the ocean is a cigarett butt.
  • Consequence:
    Environmental pollution, Need for education & awareness
  • Solution:
    Creating awareness that garbage is not carelessly thrown away.


By 2050, the mass of plastic waste in the world's oceans will be greater than the fish population. According to current calculations, about 8 billion kilograms will be added annually; serious researchers are even talking about 13 billion kilograms already. This is a serious problem that will have harmful effects on the health of marine life as well as on us humans.

We are focusing on rivers, because 70 percent of plastic waste ends up in the oceans via rivers. Here in Europe, too, the problem is frightening.
We are taking action! Since 2018, we have been cleaning up the banks of rivers - initially on the Rhine from source to mouth, and now also on 23 other rivers. In recent years, we have been able to activate over 100,000 volunteers; they have collected over 1,000 tons of trash along the various rivers

Photos by: ©rhinecleanup

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