Plastic Pollution

The Honu Movement

  • Main problem:
    Plastic pollution
  • Subproblem:
    Poverty, environmental problems, ocean plastic
  • Consequence:
    Environmental pollution
  • Solution:
    Recycling, education, raising awareness

We’re not just talking – we’re engaging!  We build our vision on four principles – this is what we do:

1.     Remove plastic
We collect tons of plastic with our bare hands from the ocean and beaches as well as from the rivers. We do this without any destructive technologies in order to preserve the ecosystem. 

2.     Recycle plastic
Every piece of plastic that we collect is sorted and classified and then stored in trash cabins where it waits to be picked up by the local recycling company. The plastic trash will then be recycled into granules and is used for new products. Only 10 % of the trash is burned. Thus, it is NOT reintroduced into the oceanic ecosystem.

3.     Avoid plastic
Avoiding plastic pollution starts with education and raising awareness! This is why we built a school on the Philippines where children learn how to live with plastic and how to handle it. They are taught with ease how important it is to live a sustainable live. After class the kids create upcycling products from the waste and cook and eat together as a community.

4.     Fight poverty
Finally, we complete our mission by fighting poverty and creating a sustainable change in the community. Through the work that we provide and the regular income that the team members receive, they are able to finance their lives on their own. In addition to that, we don’t accept female discrimination and support women in leadership positions. That is why our team is successfully led by Mirasol, a single-mom who devotes herself to our vision.

With the help of mostly donations, that our non-profit organization Ocean Plastic Cleanup gGmbH receives and manages, we try to do our part to make the world a better place. You may say that we are dreamers…that is okay…because we are happy dreamers. J

We are proud of everyone who joins us and our mission and thankful for everyone’s support: #savetheocean
Photo Credits by: ©thehonumovement

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