Plastic Pollution

In the same boat

- Norway
  • Main problem:
    Plastic Pollution
  • Subproblem:
    Destruction of the marine ecosystems
  • Consequence:
    Environmental pollution
  • Solution:
    Beach cleaning and awareness work through social media and events

We are doing both beach cleaning and awareness work through social media and events with communities or businesses.

Our unique way of combining professional methods and special designed equipment, with long term colunteering, probably makes us the most efficient beach cleaning organization in the world. We have more than doubled our amount of collected beach plastics pr. year every year since we started, and in total we will probably reach 1000 000 kilos of plastics before 2021 is over.

Our long term volunteers are young adults from all over the world, that travel to Norway to clean beaches for 2-6 months. We keep them accommodated in our sailboats, and they are working 6 full days pr. week.  The motivation and team spirit is high and right now about 4 000 voluteers are in our database. Unfortunately we can take only about 100 pr. year, due to the funding we have right now.

By moving our bases around the coastline, living in sailboats, working with special built aluminium workboats, we are always close to the areas we work in, and can use the days for cleaning, not for transportation. We literally lives in the middle of the plastic trash, and finish area after area.

Until now we have focused all our recourses on the Norwegian coastline, where we find trash from Norwegian sources and other countries around the North Sea, but we are aiming to scale internationally and are lookning both Asia, south of Europe and maybe Canada and Alaska.

Photo Credits by: ©inthesameboat 

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