Plastic Pollution
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- Germany, Indonesia
  • Main problem:
    ocean plastic, pollution of the ocean
  • Subproblem:
    dying animals and destruction of the ecosystem
  • Consequence:
    Environmental pollution, Need of sustainable living
  • Solution:
    collecting ocean plastic & donating to several organisations

Oceanmata pursues the vision of plastic-free oceans by 2050.
Therefor we have build our own ocean clean-up team and recycling station in Bali.
For funding our project we sell sustainable products in our german online shop. There you can find many mobile phone accessories, such as biodegradable phone cases and sustainable display protection glasses as well as biodegradable AirPods Cases, phone straps and Airtag cases.

Furthermore, we sell sustainable clothing, bracelets made of ocean plastic and high-quality silver and gold jewelry handmade in Bali - some of these contains upcycled sea glass that we found on the beach.
Along all kind of products we offer special editions that donate per sold product to marine conservation organisations to protect special creatures. For example, for every turtle product in our range we donate to the Turtle Foundation and for every coral product we donate to EcosystemImpact Foundation. We also work with Thresher Shark Indonesia, the Marine Megafauna foundation and some more.

By now we are able to recycle the collected plastic ourselves at our recycling station. We press plates from the collected plastic to turn them into bins, which we distribute on Bali's beaches to make an even bigger impact by inviting people to collect trash at the beach and throwing it into our bins.

„Every time you go to the beach, pick up three pieces of plastic.“ This was the sentence that gave the idea of Oceanmata to our founder Dominik. Today we are happy to spread this idea in Europe, Bali and hopefully all over the world in the future.

Photo credit by: ©oceanmata

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