Sustainable Products


  • Main problem:
  • Subproblem:
    Single Use Packaging
  • Consequence:
    Need of sustainable living
  • Solution:
    Deposit System

Hello! We are RePack. We are here to get rid of packaging trash.

In 2011 we founded a sustainable design agency where we combined sustainability analysis and industrial design with an objective to create more sustainable solutions. While working on a load carrier project with the Post office we spent most of our waking hours in the logistics warehouses, seeing the rise of e-commerce and all this single-use packaging being delivered, only to be used once and thrown away. There, Juha Mäkelä had an epiphany.

“We must apply the Finnish bottle deposit system to e-commerce packaging to reduce waste”. Others did not agree and basically told him to shut up and focus on the project at hand. But he wouldn't. The idea was too strong. So, after mentioning it a few times (going on about it all the time) Juha turned our heads. There was something simple but unique in it. Then we spent our evenings figuring out what to do about this reusable packaging idea we had. How do you get the packaging back? How does the packaging look like? What's the business model? What is it called? Big and difficult questions, but slowly we put the pieces together. That's how it started.

Reuse is the most efficient way to reduce waste. Why? Because it eliminates unnecessary waste from single-use packaging. That is why we have made returning the empty RePack packaging as easy as possible. RePack users simply fold and drop the empty bag to a postbox, anywhere in the world. We take it back, check, clean and redistribute it for reuse. Every returned RePack reduces trash and removes the need to manufacture a new single-use plastic bag or a cardboard box. It's a super simple solution to reduce trash and CO2 emissions.

Photo Credits by: ©originalrepack

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