Sustainable Products


- United Arab Emirates
  • Main problem:
    Lack of freshwater supply
  • Subproblem:
    Inefficient desalination
  • Consequence:
    Need of sustainable living
  • Solution:
    Sustainable products

Sustainable Water and Floating Farm Solutions

Water is the most precious resource in the world and it remains an enigmatic topic at global scale. Water is needed to sustain life and it has to be available on daily basis.

Current fresh water sources are limited and inaccessible and in many regions is provided through industrial scale and fast paced production. This is achieved by overcoming natural limitation of a region with human ingenuity and necessity to survive and grow. Hence, desalination is used to supply water to several stressed areas in the world.

Energy for these operations are inevitably come from burning of fossil fuel and brine is produced in the process with severe impact on the environment. At Manhat, our mission is produce fresh water in natural way without production of brine and without the need for electrical energy and hence removing CO2 from the equation.

Our solution relies on organic design where we adopt the natural cycle of water to achieve the goal of water production without the need for electricity; which is statistically produced from the burning of fossil fuels. While the concept of solar still is integral part of our solution, we have advanced it by eliminating the need for handling rejected brine since we place the construct directly on water surfaces. Our solution is also capable of transporting water both vertically and horizontally and can be used to directly irrigate crops on top of this construct. The solution is customizable for any coastal region and can seemingly be integrated into existing marine structures. 

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Helden der Meere e.V.

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