Sustainable Products


  • Main problem:
    Plastic Pollution
  • Subproblem:
    Species Extinction
  • Consequence:
    Improvement of waste cycles, Need of sustainable living
  • Solution:
    Sustainable Products to support ocean conservation projects

We want to do something about marine pollution! With every product sold, such as a cap made from recycled PET bottles, we suport exactly where the money is best spent. Directly in Indonesia.
Several million tons of plastic waste end up in the oceans every year, costing the lives of countless marine creatures – as they get caught in old fishing nets and other trash, or ingest plastic unintentionally. Looking the other way is not an option.
Only if the public and the government are made aware of the consequences of the large amount of plastic waste in the sea can something change. That’s why we fund sustainable research and education in Indonesia through our sales and draw attention to the important issue of plastic pollution there but also here in Germany.
Every impact, no matter how small, counts, so your impact counts too!

The goal of our product sales is to generate money for ocean projects, especially for the MMF. Apart from the purchase price, only the small amount necessary for the continuation of the project remains with us, the actual profit is donated.
For example, for a recycled cap purchased from us, 10€ goes directly to Indonesia. In order to offer full transparency, we indicate the respective donation share of our products in the shop.

The core of our vision is that every single person has an impact on the big picture. How good would it be if everyone who comes into contact with the MANTAHARI Oceancare brand consumed more consciously, resulting in less plastic waste. It may be a small step for the individual to rethink the use of “Single Use Plastic”, but it will have a greater impact. In our blog you will find regular insights and tips!

Photo Credits by: ©mantahari

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