Sustainable Products


- Germany
  • Main problem:
    Plastic Pollution
  • Subproblem:
    Single use Plastic
  • Consequence:
    Need of sustainable living
  • Solution:
    Deposit System

Innovative and sustainable reusable system for coffee-to-go

In Germany, 320,000 disposable cups for coffee-to-go are consumed every hour. With RECUP we offer an innovative and sustainable reusable system for coffee-to-go.
It is particularly important to us to maintain the "coffee-to-go philosophy" and to provide coffee connoisseurs and coffee suppliers with an uncomplicated and attractive alternative to disposable cups.

  1. order Coffee-to-go in the RECUP instead of the disposable cup, deposit 1€.
  2. enjoy coffee on the way.
  3. return empty cups to all RECUP partners throughout Germany and get your deposit back.

Photo Credits by: ©recup

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