Sustainable Products


  • Main problem:
    Ocean Plastic
  • Subproblem:
  • Consequence:
    Improvement of waste cycles, Need of sustainable living
  • Solution:
    Bringing ocean plastic back into the recycling circle.

Creating a seismic shift in attitude    towards sustainability.

SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is a community with a single voice against plastic pollution. We bring together individuals, organizations and companies, to help clean our oceans, raise awareness of the issue of marine plastic and highlight the heroes who are working to solve it. Today, all transformation of marine plastic by SEAQUAL INITIATIVE takes place in Europe. This marine plastic has been retrieved by ocean clean-ups in Europe, the Mediterranean and the west coast of Africa. SEAQUAL INITIATIVE recognizes the importance of providing local solutions to global problems and markets. For that reason, SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is preparing to transform locally retrieved marine litter from local organizations at strategic locations around the world, starting with Asia and Central and North America.

SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is committed to supporting local communities to improve their waste management and recycling infrastructure. Marine litter from our beaches, found on the ocean floor and surface, or entering our oceans via rivers and estuaries is collected by clean-up programs. It is then sorted into different material types. The plastic portion is cleaned and transformed into SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC at SEAQUAL INITIATIVE approved facilities. It is then returned to industry to be transformed into beautiful, new, sustainable products.

Transforming marine litter into SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC:

  • Prevents marine litter from being sent to landfill or incinerated
  • Creates awareness of the problem of marine litter
  • Gives visibility to those people and organizations helping to clean our oceans

Our oceans are our greatest shared natural resource. Together we can clean, repair and protect them. We are developing a worldwide program to recover plastic waste from the environment and engaging with all industries to transform this resource into new high-quality everyday products. You will be able to choose SEAQUAL certified products from leading brands for every aspect of your life. Together we can create a new way for humanity to choose a sustainable future.

Photo Credits by: @Seaqual Initiative

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