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Jago ein Leben unter Wasser

2015 Documentaries 45m

Long Gone Wild

2019 Documentaries 1h 23m

Born to Be Free

2016 British Movies 1h 14m

11th Hour - 5 vor 12

2007 Documentaries 1h 35m

Plastic Planet

2009 Documentaries 1h 39m

Die Bucht

2009 Documentaries 1h 32m


2013 Documentaries 1h 23m

Sharkwater Extinction

2018 Documentaries 1h 28m


2021 Documentaries 1h 30m

Ocean Warriors

2016 Documentaries Episode

Lolita: Slave to Entertainment

2020 Documentaries 56m

Whale Wars

2020 Documentaries Episode


2020 Documentaries 1h 06m


2017 Science & Nature Docs 1h 14m

Wie man die Welt verändert

2015 Documentaries 1h 50m

Before the Flood

2016 Science & Nature Docs 1h 36m

A Fall From Freedom

2011 Documentaries 50m


2009 Documentaries 1h 16m

Wahle Wisdom

2019 Documentaries 50m

Expedition ins Tierreich-Abenteuer Nordsee

2007 Documentaries Episode

Chasing Coral

2017 Award-Winning Films 1h 33m

A Plastic Ocean

2016 Science & Nature Docs 1h 42m


2013 Documentaries 1h 23m

Planet Re:Think

2012 Documentaries 1h 29m

Mission Blue

2014 Award-Winning Films 1h 36m

Das Mittelmeer

2014 Docuseries 43m

Puffs Reich

2021 Documentaries 1h 02m

Mein Lehrer, der Krake

2020 Documentaries 1h 25m


2016 Documentaries 50m


2019 Documentaries 1h 39m


2019 Documentaries 1h 14m

700 Haie in der Nacht

2018 Documentaries 1h 31m


2013 Documentaries 51m

The Whale and the Raven

2019 Documentaries 1h 37m


2010 Documentaries 1h 19m

The Wild Pacific

2016 Documentaries 53m

Atlantic: The Wildest Ocean on Earth

2022 Season 1

The Last Giants - Wenn das Meer stirbt

2009 Documentaries 1h 31m


2020 Documentaries 1h 23m

Blue Planet II

2017 Season 1

Unsere Ozeane

2010 Documentaries 1h 36m

Pulau Plastik

2023 Documentaries 1h 44m

Heroes of the Sea

2022 Autorinnen/Regisseurinnen: Sabine Streich und Katrin Eigendorf. 1h 13m

Helden der Meere

2022 Autorinnen/Regisseurinnen: Sabine Streich und Katrin Eigendorf. 1h 13m

Helden der Meere e.V.

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