Sustainable Products

Atlantic Sea Farms

Maine - USA
  • Main problem:
    Increasing demand of food worldwide
  • Subproblem:
    Ocean acidification
  • Consequence:
    Need of sustainable living, Destruction of the food chain
  • Solution:
    Growing Kelp and creating products made from sustainably farmed sea greens

We are dedicated to making a powerful and positive impact on the health of our customers and oceans by creating craveable and innovative products made from sustainably farmed sea greens
all while expanding opportunities for Maine's fishing communities and helping them to mitigate effects of ocean acidification. Our first-to-market, award winning products are nutrient dense and are distributed across the country through food service and retail outlets. 

The Gulf of Maine is warming faster than 99% of the oceans worldwide. We work with fishermen to help diversify their income in the offseason to grow kelp as a form of supplemental income. We operate the largest seaweed nursery in the Western Hemisphere and have delivered more than US$500K payments back to our fishing communities in the last two years and remove an average of 8000 lbs of carbon and 200lbs of nitrogen from the ocean per farm per year.

Photo credits by: ©Atlantic Sea Farms

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