Global Warming

Kelp Blue

  • Main problem:
    Exploitation of ocean resources
  • Subproblem:
    Loss of biodiversity and habitats
  • Consequence:
    Water temperature increase, Destruction of the food chain
  • Solution:
    Planting Kelp forests to restore our oceans health.

Kelp Blue

is a restorative large-scale offshore kelp cultivation enterprise. Our mission is to re-wild the ocean.

Kelp is an incredibly fast growing seaweed that has the ability to draw down more CO2 than terrestrial forests, while boosting marine biodiversity. Kelp forests provide nursery grounds and shelter to hundreds of species and as such are know as ecosystem engineers. They have a big impact on surrounding ecosystems in the form of water filtration, nitrogen removal, habitat provision therefore counteracting the effects of acidification and de-oxygenation of the ocean.

Kelp Blue harvests seaweed all year round to produce sustainable agri-foods and bio-stimulants which in turn can displace environmentally damaging alternatives such as chemical fertilisers and non-organic supplements.

We are passionate about scaling a profitable, nature-based solution to to help to reverse climate change. We are committed to ensuring coastal communities benefit from the job opportunities, improving the livelihoods of hundreds.

Photo Credits by: ©Kelb Blue

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