Global Warming


  • Main problem:
    Global warming
  • Subproblem:
    Coral bleaching
  • Consequence:
    Water temperature increase
  • Solution:
    We are taking action for ocean health

In Reefy, we believe marine construction can change its impact from negative to positive. 

One reef at the time, Reefy looks to help asset owners have reliable and resilient solutions that kick start ecosystems and help life under the sea thrive. For this, Reefy is constantly developing hybrid solutions that can offer immediate coastal protection while creating a new complex reef for nature to flourish. With this combination, safety and beach quality are assured while providing a new home for marine life to settle and thrive.
Engineering and innovating with nature is the core of the startup. Reefy has designed a new way to build artificial reefs with a patent pending solution. The Reefy product consists on “lego-like” blocks that can be assembled to form an underwater artificial reef structure. This structure has sufficient complexity to host a flourishing reef ecosystem and stability against unfavourable storms and sea conditions. The structure can be used for coastal protection, nature enhancement, sediment reuse and scour protection applications. The Reefy solution promotes a multipurpose design that brings many economic benefits to nearby communities and businesses.

Photo Credits by:

Helden der Meere e.V.

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