Coral Bleaching
Global Warming

Reef Life Foundation

  • Main problem:
    Climate Change
  • Subproblem:
    Loss of coral reefs
  • Consequence:
    Destruction of habitats, Water temperature increase
  • Solution:
    Coral reef restoration system

The World Wildlife Fund estimates that a quarter of the world's reefs are damaged beyond repair and that another 70% are under serious threat.

Introduce IntelliReefs into dying or at-risk reefs as a means of increasing fish aggregation, coral spawn settlement and species biodiversity; fostering the exponential growth and restoration of coral reef systems.

IntelliReefs are bio-inspired marine structures made with Oceanite. They are formulated from twenty years of nano-materials expertise guided by leading coral laboratories.

IntelliReefs units assemble and grow intuitively, enabling year-to-year, block-by-block coral species expansion. Each can be outfitted with a specific, novel growth formulation.

Exposed aggregates on IntelliReefs include small pockets where biodiverse coral larvae can attach, be protected and grow. Our substrates are engineered for centuries of durability.

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