Coral Bleaching

Coral Gardeners

Moorea - French Polynesia
  • Main problem:
    Dying coral reefs
  • Subproblem:
    Global warming, climate change and loss of biodiversity
  • Consequence:
    Destruction of habitats
  • Solution:
    Education and coral reef restoration, coral transplantation

CORAL REEFS - A Rich and Complex Ecosystem

Coral reefs are the rainforests of the oceans, providing a home for a dazzling array of life. Reef-building corals are the trees that form the foundation of the ecosystem. These corals are usually colonies of many small animals called polyps, which grow a hard calcium carbonate skeleton and can live for hundreds of years. We are taking action to resolve the problems our reefs are facing. 

We aim to SAVE the coral reefs through education and coral reef restoration. We transplant coral cuttings onto degraded areas of reef. When these coral fragments grow, they help to recreate reef habitats. This allows other life to return and strengthens the reef against future damage. First step is to collect broken pieces of corals, then put them on bamboo stems.  We let them one month on our nursery tables before planting them back on the reef. That's the most efficient way for us to bring new life to the reef. Our scientists are monitoring the growth of the corals we plant and improving our reef restoration methods and knowledge.

Photo Credits by: ©coralgardeners

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