Global Warming

Eco Wave Power

  • Main problem:
    The use of fossil fuels
  • Subproblem:
    Environmental damage, global warming, climate change
  • Consequence:
    Water temperature increase
  • Solution:
    Green electricity, sustainble solutions, technologies

Changing the World

One Wave at a Time

We aim to generate clean & affordable electricity, using a simple but smart design, allowing our floaters to be attached to existing man-made structures, and thereby simplifying installation and maintenance as well as accessibility.

EWP’s innovative technology has been recognized as a “Pioneering Technology” by the Chief Scientist of the Energy Ministry of Israel and received an Efficient Solution label from Solar Impulse Foundation. In addition, the company received grants by ERDF, Horizon 2020 and the Energy Ministry of Israel.

The company is pioneering in its’ sector by operating the ONLY grid-connected wave energy array in the world, which is operational under a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) and holds substantial number of projects in its’ pipe-line.

Photo Credits by: ©ecowavepower

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