One Earth One Ocean

  • Main problem:
    Plastic pollution, marine littering
  • Subproblem:
    Environmental pollution
  • Consequence:
    Improvement of waste cycles
  • Solution:
    Remove of plastic from the ocean, recycling & recovery

We from One Earth – One Ocean are people, who want to actively establish a clean environment. 

With our “marine litter cleanup” concept we pursue the aim of freeing waters from plastic, oil and chemicals globally. The concept provides for the collection, sorting and processing of plastic with special waste collection vessels in coastal areas and estuaries. In addition to plastic bales for recycling, energy and fuel will also be recovered from plastic waste. Marine Litter Cleanup comprises two waste collection vessels of different sizes for use on inland waters or oceans, which in a few years will collect plastic waste from the waters, partly fully automatically and driven by modern wind and solar technologies. The plastic waste at sea is finally taken to the waste recycling ship SeeElefant where it is recycled or converted into sulphur-free heating oil. With the concept of “Marine Litter Cleanup”, One Earth – One Ocean wants to call on people to actively combat the urgent problem of marine littering.

  • SeeHamster
  • SeeKuh
  • SeeElefant

Photo Credits by: ©oneearthoneocean

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