Dolphin Watch Alliance

Hurghada - Egypt
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    Need for education & awareness
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    Raising awareness by education

Dolphin Watch Alliance organisation.

Dolphin Watch Alliance supports and endorses only those projects and their employees who are personally known to us. This way we can gain valuable background information and we can ensure the veracity of funds. Dolphin Watch Alliance is a non-profit organisation registered in the canton St. Gallen, Switzerland. Dolphin Watch Alliance is made up of three words.

Dolphin, this is the unique marine mammal which fascinates us and in whose protection we are actively engaged.
Watch means not only “to observe or watch”, but also “to look after / watch out for”.

Alliance is ultimately a connection, an alliance that we gain from the contact with dolphins, but also the alliance between people passionate about their protection. So our name simply means that togerhter together we observe dolphins and are passionate in seeking to take care of them.
In the recent years, swimming with wild dolphins has become a popular tourist attraction in the Northern Red Sea around Hurghada, Egypt. Although regulations have recently been implemented on how to interact with dolphins in a responsible way, these are unfortunately not enforced. Multiple tourist boats follow the dolphins for several hours without maintaining any safety distance and large numbers of snorkelers often jump directly into the dolphin groups. Unregulated dolphin interactions are a source of severe stress for wild populations. Dolphins change their behaviour, communication and group structure under such circumstances. Repeated disturbances while resting leads to sleep deprivation and the underfeeding of calves. Additionally, there is a high risk of injuries from boat propellers. To minimise potential negative long-term effects on Hurghada’s dolphin population, regulation of dolphin tourism activities is absolutely necessary. It is imperative that appropriate policies are created and enforced.

Successful conservation depends on research and education.

Photo Credits by: ©dolphinwatchalliance

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