- Germany
  • Main problem:
    Global threats the oceans are facing
  • Subproblem:
  • Consequence:
    Need for education & awareness
  • Solution:
    Individual empowerment and political intervention

DEEPWAVE is a marine conservation organization based in Hamburg, Germany.
We work politically as well as educationally. With our film festival, ocean primer and art we try to bring the beauty of the oceans, as well as the dangers of climate change, pollution and deep sea mining, closer to all people and why it is so important to protect the marine environment. In these difficult world political and environmentally catastrophic times, we want to spread courage that our future will bring good things for us after all. But this can only happen if the necessary steps are taken NOW. That is why we want to network with other NGOs and people who are fighting for the same goal as we do.

As part of an NGO network, DEEPWAVE has addressed a demand paper called “Meeresoffensive” (marine offensive) to policymakers, which was and still is a decisive impulse for the current maritime policy of the German government (the first maritime policy worthy of the name). To enable everyone to understand the processes of political decision-making and act on it, we are working on a detailed interactive commentary.

Photo Credits by: ©deepwave

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