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    Education & Environmental Awareness, Need for education & awareness
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    Education through school trips

A sailing classroom for a unique educational experience School on a ship – an adventurous, exciting alternative to traditional lessons in an old dusty school building. This idea is what led to the creation of Ocean College, which turns a traditional sailing ship into a traveling classroom for high school students and gap years!

Sailing classroom – More than sailing or just a school trip What exactly does school in a sailing classroom translate to? Ocean College is seen as a semester abroad, simply transferred to the sea! Our course content meets high learning standards, and is taught while on board. The project is more than just a class trip, it provides professional coaching, and nautical training, on top of the traditional school education. Students will be divided into classes of up to ten people – while one class is below deck learning mathematics or geography, another group is on deck engaged in ship-related activities. Duties are exchanged regularly, so that all students are given equal opportunity to experience watch, ship cleaning, cooking and, of course, school content.

Development of the Ocean College project and sailing as a semester abroad The concept of “school at sea” is growing in popularity. Every October, Ocean College departs from Europe with the Pelican of London and her crew for their semester abroad. Ocean College originated in Berlin, developed by Johan Kegler, who had been an onboard teacher and project manager in 2008 and 2009,  Falco Aust, an economist at Frejus Investment & Consulting UG, and Johannes Borchert, a graduate student at the London School of Economics who, following his memorable experience onboard, wants to provide other students with the same opportunity.

Coaching, training and a cruise Often, students will be able to immediately put into practice the theoretical knowledge gained in Ocean College’s classrooms. The combination of coaching, nautical training, the Ocean College PATHWAYSand of course, a little holiday, is an attractive opportunity for many young people looking to expand their horizons. Our route leads the Pelican from Europe, into the Caribbean, with stops along the way, and projects at specific destinations. Sailing as a class provides an opportunity to get away from the everyday monotony of traditional school life.

A year abroad and schooling on the high seas Depending on the student’s current level of education, the Ocean College project offers a curriculum and state-approved teachers in order to provide high quality education. Students who do not yet have their degree can use the trip in order to further their education, benefiting from the traditional learning approach, used in conjunction with practical application. If you are already a graduate, you can use the sailing trip as a gap-year. Participation is also possible as a Mentor, assisting with coaching and training, during their time aboard. Ocean College is not just an educational opportunity, it can also be a stepping stone for a career!

Application for coaching and nautical training at Ocean College

A year abroad, on the vast ocean, outside of conventional surroundings: If that sounds like a fit for you, you can apply with a letter of motivation and a copy of your latest transcripts. Application is only possible for students aged 15 and older, who are not yet in their final year of school. Older applicants may also participate as a Mentor in our gap year program

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