Plastic Pollution

Lonely Whale

  • Main problem:
    Increasing loss of our oceans health
  • Subproblem:
  • Consequence:
    Environmental pollution
  • Solution:
    Support of ocean projects, sharing knowledge, raising awareness

At Lonely Whale We Value Our Community

The ocean needs us and we need each other. 
The issues we are working to address are too big for any one person or any one organization and now is the time to double-down with us and put the ocean at the very heart of our collective concern. Explore our work, and opportunities to collaborate below. Together, we can change the frequency. 

How To Work With Us

We’ve learned so much since our inception in 2015 and we are poised to scale our efforts and impact and create a healthy ocean.  Think you have an idea that could change the world? We’d love to hear about it as we believe radical collaboration is  a key ingredient to our success.

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