Plastic Pollution

Plastic Soup Surfer

  • Main problem:
    Plastic pollution
  • Subproblem:
    Ocean plastic
  • Consequence:
    Environmental pollution
  • Solution:
    Raising awareness and educate people through extraordinary campains

What we do:
We make surfboards from plastic litter. We use those boards for record attempts, long-distance expeditions and campaigns. Our surfboards tell the story.
I've surfed along the entire dutch coast, across to England and down the entire river Rhine from source to sea (+1000km);  metaphorically following the route of plastic waste as it flows down the rivers.
We use the attention we gain with the expeditions to go upstream.
We've started petitions, had resolutions adopted, lobby and confront industry CEO's with bailiffs and creative judicial instruments.
Our focus is on the source. On producer responsibility.
The implementation of bottle deposits here in the Netherlands as one of our most impactful results - preventing 75 million plastic bottles from being littered per year. We have had products recalled from store shelves and are influencing EU policy on single use plastics.
In the last 7 years we have learnt that to tackle plastic pollution we need upstream solutions. We need a systemic change to our Throw Away Lifestyle. Policy and societal-pressure are essential for producers to change and facilitate a sustainable way of handling single use plastics.

Photo Credits by: ©plasticsoupsurfer

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