Beach Clean Up

All For Blue

- Greece
  • Main problem:
    Plastic Pollution, ocean plastic
  • Subproblem:
    Loss of biodiversity, environmental problems
  • Consequence:
    Destruction of habitats, Environmental protection
  • Solution:
    Beach and underwater cleanups, education work

It is our philosophy that through education, collaborations and dedication we can help to spread awareness, and motivate and empower communities everywhere we go to act for the environment and make the difference.

Our aims:

  • To directly reduce ocean pollution by actively removing litter from the ocean and beaches
  • To help raise awareness about the seas and the oceans and why a healthy marine ecosystem is vital for all of us
  • To encourage ocean-friendly sustainable lifestyle choices

It is the All For Blue teams belief that through these efforts we are given a rare and valuable opportunity to offer something important to the next generation; to do something beyond ourselves, something that triggers a positive change in a large number of people, directly or indirectly, and something that can substantially help the marine environment.

Photo Credits by: ©allforblue

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