Ghost Diving

  • Main problem:
    Ghost nets, lost fishing gear and other marine debris
  • Subproblem:
    Ocean pollution
  • Consequence:
    Destruction of habitats
  • Solution:
    Fishing gear clean-ups

Ghost Diving is a registered charity organization of volunteer technical divers specialized in the removal of lost fishing gear and other marine debris since 2009.
The organization was formerly known as Ghost Fishing foundation. Ghost Diving is the biggest international diving team working on this topic with a track record in a significant variation of countries and international waters.
The issue of "ghost fishing" was first brought to the attention of the world at the 16th Session of the FAO Committee on Fisheries, in April 1985. Following a debate at COFI, the FAO Secretariat published an in-depth study of the problem. After eight years of carrying out technical diving projects, our group of volunteer divers managed to bring the "ghost fishing" phenomenon into the public spotlight, through key international collaborations, inspiring underwater photography and unparalleled results.
To this day, the Ghost Diving team has carried out diving projects independently or in collaboration with several international environmental and/or diving organizations like: Healthy Seas Foundation, Greenpeace, WWF, Global Ghost Gear Initiative and Global Underwater Explorers.

Photo Credits by: ©GhostDiving

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