Science & Research

U-Boat Worx

  • Main problem:
    Exploration of the underwater world
  • Subproblem:
    Laws of physics underwater
  • Consequence:
    Development of solutions , Sustainable handling of the sea
  • Solution:
    Submarines in various sizes for all purposes

U-Boat Worx submarines are without peer in every aspect of underwater exploration. 

Since its inception, U-Boat Worx has defined the standards to create exceptional submersibles. Each submarine is handcrafted and overseen by our in-house experts to ensure every detail is perfect. It was the dream of our founder to create submersibles that offer the best dive experience, a dream that has come true and continues to deliver excellence.

Diving in a submarine is akin to entering another world. When going through the process of selecting the best possible craft for this “space travel”, the relevant characteristics you need to take into account cannot be easily referenced to the selection process of yachts, aircraft, or anything else for that matter.Step into our world and understand which 10 submersible essentials define the best submersibles in the world; the U-Boat Worx submersibles.

  • YACHTING Diving operations are simple and safe with a U-Boat Worx submarine. Whether it’s a wreck-diving operation in the Mediterranean or an exploration dive in the Artic Sea, U-Boat Worx has the perfect private submarine for all occasions.
  • CRUISE OPERATIONS Offering a private submarine dive experience during a holiday at sea is a unique selling point for any luxury cruise ship’s operation. A dive in a submersible offers a key point of difference for guests to select your cruise. It provides for guests who are not otherwise capable of diving to enjoy the magic and wonder of the subsea world.
  • TOURISM The most dazzling treasures of many beach resorts are concealed below the water’s surface; and with a personal submersible, such treasures can be made accessible to us all. A personal sub provides a unique opportunity to create a memorable experience for visitors – whether simply tourists, or more adventurous explorers.
  • RESEARCH Nature has created the most beautiful underwater landscapes for us to discover. Yet this impressive subsurface realm conceals many fascinating markers of the history of mankind. By combining the latest innovations with over fourteen years of experience in designing, building and operating the world’s largest fleet of submersibles, our submersibles offer deep sea research organisations the safest, best-performing, and most comfortable submersibles from which to explore the underwater world.
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY Just like the first underwater films from Cousteau, underwater cinematography captures the imagination of millions. Imagine going deeper, further and longer underwater than any conventional film-maker ever could. U-Boat Worx offers professional film producers the opportunity to film and direct from the safety and comfort of a private submersible.

Photo Credits by: ©Uboatworx

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