Species Extinction

The Nakawe Project

  • Main problem:
    Species Extinction
  • Subproblem:
    Shark fishing
  • Consequence:
    Loss of biodiversity
  • Solution:
    Education, raising awareness

We promote harmony between people and ocean

In 2015 a team of ocean advocates started Nakawe Project, a Non-Profit organization dedicated to stop the uncontrolled and unsustainable practice of shark fishing. Nakawe Project’s mission is driven by the urge to help humans preserve biodiversity. One of the main pillars of our mission consists of promoting ecotourism as an alternative source of income to fishing - this shift not only reduces fishing activities, but also directly minimizes the amount of bycatch which sharks so often fall victim to. The dramatic decrease in shark populations around the world due to overfishing and the lack of protection has propelled Nakawe Project to create a conservation campaign: “Game Over Fishing”.

For Nakawe Project’s team, the privilege to observe a shark swimming underwater in their natural habitat is an incredible experience but more than that, we also recognize that as apex predators, sharks play a critical role in the ecosystem by maintaining the balance of species below them in the food chain. Sharks help remove the weak and the sick as well as keep the balance amongst other ocean predators, ensuring species diversity. They serve as a key indicator for Ocean health. Unfortunately, sharks are also one of the least protected set of species, yet they are increasingly targeted for their meat and fins by fisheries around the world. Shark species desperately need more global and local protection measures.

Game Over Fishing aims to stop the unsustainable, unmanaged harvesting of shark species all over the world.

Photo Credits by: ©nakaweproject

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