Hard To Port

  • Main problem:
    Whale conservation in the North Atlantic
  • Subproblem:
    Animal welfare concerns in Iceland
  • Consequence:
    Species extinction
  • Solution:
    Investigation of whaling operations. Encouraging political decision makers

We Are Hard To Port

The marine world and its inhabitants are facing an uncertain future as their survival is increasingly threatened by the effects of climate change, overfishing, pollution and other man-made problems.
The protection of our planet’s wildlife and biodiversity is one of the great collective responsibilities of our generation. To address this pressing challenge, it is critical that we change course and rethink the ways in which we interact with the creatures with whom we share this planet.
Hard To Port is a registered, non-profit marine conservation organization based in Northern Germany.
Together with our network of supporters, we initiate and realize effective conservation campaigns with the aim to protect marine wildlife and ecosystems from human harm. To achieve our goals, Hard To Port utilizes a variety of approaches and strategies: investigative work, protests, public outreach campaigns, educational events, etc.
We work towards and envision a world in which our societies adopt a more compassionate, respectful, and appreciative mindset towards marine life: a mindset that leads to responsible, resolute and constructive conservation actions that will help to protect and conserve our blue planet.

Photo Credits by: ©hardtoport

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